Compound bow basics


Most of us hunters seem to always start out with our first rifle or shotgun at a very early age in life.  As time flies by and as we sharpen our hunting skills, we continue to be pressed by new challenges and that is what really triggers our desire to explore the Bow hunting adventure.  Like any new challenge or adventure,  there will be a new learning curve to navigate.  You will have to learn new bow hunting technics.  You will be learning tips on shooting a compound bow, tuning a compound bow, how to aim a compound bow, how to sight in a compound bow, and last but not least learning how to shoot compound bow.  As you continually learn new bow hunting technics, you will only want more.  Are you getting excited already?  When considering Bow hunting, just the thought of being in close proximity to large game excited me to no end.  The other intriguing concept of Bow hunting was the silence of the weapon involved.  This new adventure was thrilling just to think about it.  The most important thing to remember is that you want to start out on the right path and establish the correct methods from the beginning.


Like any other sporting activity or recreation, Compound Bow hunting will require a financial investment and you will need to determine the amount of your budget you will have to work with.  You can always consider second hand bow hunting equipment but you must be absolutely careful of the used bow hunting equipment market.  Unless you have great advice or are knowledgeable in the Compound Bow field, I would highly recommend purchasing new Bow hunting equipment.  Choosing the right high tech Compound Bow will give you the ultimate beginning in your new adventure.  You will have a very good selection of brand name compound bows to choose from including bows from Mathews Archery, Hoyt Bows from Hoyt Archery, Jennings, Martin Archery, Browning, Darton, PSE Archery, and High Country Archery.  Compound Bows are absolutely loaded with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.  The sights, overdraws, and kisser buttons will all contribute to the pinpoint accuracy that will help you sustain precision shooting.  Just remember with the wheels and cams to relieve a percentage of the overall draw weight, Compound Bows can be more forgiving than your traditional bow hunting equipment.


There is no question that you will have much to learn in this new chapter in your life.  Getting some good solid advice and gaining all the knowledge you can muster, should make this a very exciting and rewarding new experience.  Get the bow hunting technics down pat and you will be ready to go.  One last thing, please do not ask me for tips on shooting a compound bow.  I am still learning!  Best of luck! 


Compound Bows